I have always been fascinated with the possibility of colonizing another world.  If we could do it, or had to, what would the technology look like?

The space station is a re-purposed design I came up with while still in High School.  The repeating hexagon pattern is reminiscent of a bee hive, a metaphor for the 'colony'.


Visualizing the journey to another world.

This is some concept art I did for a potential feature (working title 'Colony').  In 2009 I assisted in making a short film / teaser as a sales tool to sell the concept.  
DEAD CITY - A global catastrophe terminates all of civilization.
TERRA SPACE STATION - Thousands of humans are left stranded.  The search for a new habitable planet has been underway for many years, but with resources dwindling, the Colonization mission is accelerated.
DEEP SPACE TRANSPORT - Orbiting a habitable planet.
LANDING PODS - Starting over on a new world.