In addition to film and television, some of the work I have done over the years has been for print ads, and many times that has involved designing and creating things too large to be built full scale.  Although CGI is used most of the time, miniatures are sometimes preferred for their realism and cost effectiveness.

An imaginary image from 'MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL'                              (Photography: Glen Wexler Studio)
This miniature is about 7' wide x 3' tall.  The cow and people are the only full scale elements.  The Trebechet (French catapult), actually worked!  Before the photo shoot, I loaded it with a small stone and, using just the ballast weight, fired the stone across my entire backyard.

MUSEUM OF SPEED - 'ACURA'                                                                                  (Photography: Glen Wexler Studio)
This I.M. PEI inspired miniature interior is approx. 6' wide.  The car is the only full scale element.
FREEING THE ICE BREAKER - 'UNDER ARMOUR'                                                  (Photography: Gary Land Photography)
The fictional ship is a 10' Long miniature composited in an Artic background.  The broken ice is also part of the miniature.
TEMPLE OF THE CANTALOUPE PEOPLE- 'THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN'                       (Photo: Anthony Tremblay)
An effect shot done 'in camera' on location.  Known as a 'Hanging Miniature', the pyramid is mounted to the left by an off camera support that is hidden by miniature ground cover.  The Temple entrance on the miniature (about three feet away from the camera) is open, and there is a large black curtain about 200 ft away in the field.  This way we were able to have an actor walk right out of the Temple opening.  Other actors were able to appear in the frame camera right, and travel all the way to the throne.  The trick is to keep it all in focus, which on a sunny day is perfect.  (I did have to contend with the wind a bit) The miniature pyramid is only about 20 inches tall, and because we did this using no CGI, we saved quite a lot of money.

RETURN OF THE COWS - 'SONY'                                                                                 (Photography: Glen Wexler Studio)
A miniature landscape with Flying Saucer.  Two weeks before the photo shoot, (before I started building the saucer), I purchased some young corn plants and transplanted them in long troughs filled with rich soil and fertilizer. (Fortunately, the planting season was just starting in Los Angeles!) The plants grew just enough to start looking the proper scale.  The ground cover is sifted peat, cinnamon and a variety of fine plants.  The overall landscape is about 10' wide.  The saucer is about 30 inches in diameter and contained mini incandesent and mini neon lights. The cows, sky and people are real elements composited in.